While our marketing network spans all over the country, we are currently headquartered in Mumbai. Our manufacturing plants are in Gujarat & Engineering centre is located in Pune.

Our plants together have a built up space of >12,000 Sq. Mtr. They are well equipped to build top quality valves starting from plates, sheets &castings. Our design& engineering practices have evolved combining the latest manufacturing technologies & the inputs of field performance & customer specifications.

All the major basic processes of valve manufacturing such as fabrication, machining, assembly, inspection & testing, cleaning- surface preparation, painting- coating are well organized. Large areas are allocated for storage of material & components at various stages. We have dedicated vendors for pattern-making,castings & rubber lining who are experts in their respective processes. The synergy of operations amongst our departments & our vendors ensures that we find no challenge unsurmountable.

Conventional & customised machines of different sizes, specialized tooling, jigs & fixtures ensure that we achieve desired accuracy, precision & speed of operations consistently.


In addition we also have a large collection of Patterns & Dies / Moulds / Testing Fixtures / Presssure Plates/ Dished ends etc. required for components which are used for our products.

Special Testing: In order to establish the robustness & longevity of our products, we have developed many specially built test arrangements /set-ups such as:                                                                                

  • Proof Of Design (POD) Testing of Butterfly valves.
  • Endurance Cycle testing for DPCV.
  • Load (Torque) Capability Testing for Gearbox operators.
  • Multi-purpose Hydraulic test rig.

We have also got our products tested in/ by following external Institutes / agencies :

Facility at IIT Mumbai

We have also carried out FE Analysis for critical components of our products to ensure design optimization while retaining the strength & robustness.

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