R&D Multiples successfully conducts the Proof of Design Test (POD) for 2800mm/112” hydraulically operated Butterfly Valve, witnessed by NTPC for its Kudgi project.
  February 11, 2016.
In a yet another milestone for R&D Multiples, we have successfully conducted the POD test for 2800mm/112” HOPD* Butterfly valve as per AWWA C516-10 on 5th February, 2016. We are also proud to announce that we are one of the only manufacturers to have conducted this with the electro-hydraulic job actuator.

The following tests were carried out:

  • Performance test (three times full open to close operation with hydraulic actuator)
  • Free fall test as per NTPC’s specific requirements
  • Body hydrostatic test
  • Hydrostatic tests in both directions
  • Seat leakage test before Cycle test for 15 mins
  • Cycle test of 200 operations with electro-hydraulic job actuator
  • Seat leakage test after Cycle test for 15 mins

Note: Valve under hydro-test during the POD.


Some of the key design features of this product are as follows:

  • Hydraulic drive from both ends (stub & bottom) - for enhanced stability of performance
  • All components designed for free-fall condition loads
  • Sturdy Box-Type cylinder mounting also enabling enough space for various instrumentations
  • Body mounter cylinder (and NOT Floor mounted)
  • All feedbacks from the valve are provided and can be controlled from a Centralized Command Centre

Note: Valve under performance test.

* HOPD: Hydraulically operated pump discharge valves are actuated with a hydraulic power-pack and single-acting cylinders. The linear stroke of the cylinder is converted into 900 rotary movement of the valve disc. Auxiliary support are provided for open/close of valve disc in a controlled manner. In the case of an emergency, the valve disc can be closed using the force of gravity acting on the mounted counter-weights.
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