R&D Multiples successfully commissions testing rig for large sized gearboxes
  December 18, 2015.
R&D Multiples has recently developed & successfully commissioned a rig to test quarter-turn gearboxes as per AWWA C504, upto a rated torque of 250,000N-m. With this test rig, cycle test with full rated torque, double the rated torque test and 890 N rim pull test as specified in AWWA can be very easily demonstrated. PLC based controller is provided to perform the tests, including the cycle test, automatically. The test data such as total force /torque applied at the end of each cycle is displayed & recorded for future use. The number of cycles are also automatically recorded & the control circuit stops the system once the desired cycles are performed. The rated torque & number of cycles to be performed are adjustable as per the rating of the gearbox to be tested. R&D Multiples is one of the only valve manufacturers in India to have developed such an in-house capability.

Note: The photo above shows the RD1800 gearbox model having 180,000N-m rated torque under cyclic test for a NTPC project, at our new plant in Pardi, Gujarat.

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