Commissioning of the Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coating plant :
  August 19, 2015.
As we continue to enhance our capabilities and recognize the needs of the market, we are pleased to announce the commissioning of the highly automated fusion bonded epoxy powder coating plant. This is an integrated, continuous plant comprising of shot blasting, pre-heating, FBE coating curing station (both electrostatic spray as well as dip coating). We will now be able to provide a film thickness of 300-500µon select products and more importantly, with enhanced corrosion protection.

A fusion-bonded epoxy is a one part, heat curable, thermo setting epoxy resin powder that utilizes heat to melt and adhere to a metal substrate. It provides a coating with excellent adhesion, a tough, smooth finish resistant to abrasion and which does not entrap solvents. Besides corrosion protection, its advantages to the water pipeline system (including valves) are:

  • Improved fluid flow characteristics – reduced energy requirements
  • Improved inspection prior to installation
  • Corrosion prevention during storage
  • Easy cleaning and water disposal after testing
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