Vendor Development

Vendor development is one of the key priorities for us going forward. This section provides information on licensing and registration for India-based contractors and suppliers who are interested in doing business with R&D Multiples. While the requirements for each application varies, we always look for the following:                                                                                

  • Brief profile including client list
  • Technical capability
  • Price
  • Test certificates & performance testimonials from other clients (previous experience with valve companies and our competitors will be highly preferred)
  • Key personnel and their background
  • Photo evidence of your setup
  • Distance from Pardi, Gujarat (lower the better!)

Companies which are interested are requested to send all their details as per the above to Please note that we will not be able to consider your company if any of the above details are incomplete.

We are currently looking for vendors in the following areas:

  • Foundries (CI, DI, WCB, Duplex Stainless Steel) with single piece capacity ranging from 10kgs to > 6,000kgs
  • Rubber moulding with metal inserts in EPDM & Nitrile rubber
  • Complete machining facilities for valves (ranging from 50mm to 2800mm)
  • Pattern making (wooden/aluminium)
  • Gearboxes (quarter-turn worm type upto 2,500 kg-m)
  • Fusion bonded epoxy powder (with WRAS/GSK approval)
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