Sluice valve Sluice valves
sluice valves
Sluice valve
Sluice valve
Sluice valve
Sluice valve
Sluice valve
Sluice Valve
Sluice Valves


sluice valves

Sluice valve is the most populous & relied upon water-works valve since decades. R & D Multiple’s Sluice Valves are consciously built to fulfill customer’s expectations & faith. They not only comply with the requirements of the specifications & codes, but also offer features, accessories, quality & workmanship levels which make them the unique choice for any waterworks isolation application.

  • Sturdy, Compact Construction.
  • Non Rising Stem (NRSV) & Rising Stem (RSGV) constructions available.
  • Size Range: 50 to 1200mm, Pressure Ratings: PN 10, PN 16 & PN 25.
  • Vertical Stem & Horizontal Stem (subject to prior confirmation) installations are possible.
  • Accessories such as: Gearing (Spur/Bevel), Thrust Bearing, Actuators (Electrical / Pneumatic), By–Pass, Position Indicator, Channel & Shoe, Chain-wheel / Cap-Top operation etc. can be offered.
  • Wide variety of materials of construction to choose from:
              Shell: C.I, S.G.I., C.S. (WCB), D2, S.S.
    Trim: Bronze, S.S.,
  • Sufficient wear travel allowance on the seats.
  • Rivetted Seat Rings optionally available.
  • Angle fixtures for machining of seat fitting surfaces on Body & Wedge ensure perfect interchangeability.
  • Liberally Dimensioned Stem Nut.
  • Glandless construction to avoid tampering & water-loss can be optionally offered.
  • Machine moulded castings of components ensuring perfect soundness & integrity & consistency.
Sluice valve
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