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Dual Plate Check Valves
Dual Plate Check Valves
Dual Plate Check Valves
Dual Plate Check Valves
dual plate check valves



R & D Multiple’s Dual Plate Check Valves combine the best features with top class workmanship making them unique for any kind of waterworks applications. The clamped resilient seat on Body is a feature which combines high seal integrity & assurance against seal wash-off.

Independent spring action for each plate ensures that the spring twist is half compared to the conventional designs. This greatly enhances the life of the springs.

Considering features as above & many others, R & D Multiple’s Dual Plate Check Valves will give you the best in areas of Features, Workmanship, Initial & running costs. This is the best choice.

  • Clamped Resilient seal on valve Body. This seal is replaceable on site.
  • Independent  spring action for each plate.
  • The pins are precisely & permanently centered in the valve body.
  • The shock dampers ensure that there is no undue load on the Stop Pin & that the spring twist also is maintained in limit.
  • ‘Heeling effect’ for the plates provided to avoid rubbing of the seats near closure.
  • Wide choice of materials of construction available: Shell: C.I./S.G.I./WCB/ S.S./ D2:   Seats: Rubber with S.S. / S.S. with S.S., pins: S.S.
  • Size Range: 50mm to 3000mm, Pressure Ratings: 6/10/16/24 Bar. (Class 150/ Class125)
  • End connections: Flanged / Wafer/ Lug Wafer.
  • Independent support also ensures that each of the plates revolves from full close to full open & reverse with-out bearing on each other. 
  • Large & hydrodynamic flow passages ensure minimum pressure drop.
  • ‘Low Torque’, ‘Standard Torque’ & ‘High Torque’ spring options available depending upon site parameters.
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