> Sturdy, circularly balanced construction.
> Large, Hydro-dynamic flow passages.
> Mounting Feet to ensure perfect alignment & to secure the valve for silent & smooth operation over very long life-span.
> Lifting Lugs.
> Options of Resilient & Metal to Metal seats with Corrosion Resistant Body Seat Ring & Metal / Resilient Piston / Plunger Seal.
> All working child parts in Stainless Steel.
> Double 'O' Ring Type Shaft seals.
> All pin-bearing contacts with anticorrosion bearing bushes.
> Circularly balanced Valve.
> Manual (through quarter-turn gearbox), Electrical (through multi-turn actuator), Pneumatic Actuation options available.
> Can be installed in a SCADA based water grid management system. Regulating type intelligent valve actuators can be looped into SCADA /PLC systems to auto- regulate the flow/ pressure in the grid using multiple numbers of valves of different sizes. .
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