Accumulated air can cause catastrophes to the pipeline systems. Generation of vacuum leads to pipeline implosion or pressure transients. The preventive course is use of efficient Air Release valves & use of Anti-Vacuum Valves at the critical locations of the pipeline that are prone to vacuum generation. The R & D Multiple’s Anti- Vacuum valves are designed & manufactured to be extremely responsive & sensitive to the pressure decrease in the line. They instantly allow the entry of sufficient quantity of air at the slight hint of the inception of vacuum & preclude the possibility of vacuum build–up.
  • Size range: 150 to 400mm. Pressure ratings: PN10 / PN16 & PN24.
  • Material Options: C.I., S.G.I., C.S. (WCB) for Body & Cover, Bronze Dashpot & Seat Ring & Guide Bushes & SS Shaft, Pins, Links & levers.
  • Hydraulic Dashpot arrangement to eliminate slam in closing of the AVV.
  • Externally adjustable Counter-weight arrangement to set the closing torque.
  • Large cowl type covered valve body eliminating any possibility of internal assembly being tampered-with.
  • Provision for mounting of an isolating sluice valve & Air Release valve on the body of the AVV is given.
  • Large aero-dynamic flow passages ensuring quick entry of large volumes of air.
  • Resilient seat fixed into the Valve Body giving drop-tight shut-off during normal operation.
  • Critically balanced dashpot, cwt & disc assemblies ensuring that with slightest hint of vacuum formation in the pipeline, the disc opens to allow entry of large volume of air.
  • Sturdy, robust cast construction of the valve body & disc. Body provided with swirl busting ribs.
  • Non-Ferrous liner bush bearings provided for shaft & pins at all rubbing joints. This minimizes friction, enhances the availability of the valve & increases its service life.
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