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Air Release Valves
Air Release Valves
Air Release Valve
Air Release Valve
Air Release Valves
Air Release Valves
Air Release Valves


air release valves

The latest series of R & D Multiple’s Combination type : (Air Vacuum + Air Release Valves) amalgamates exotic features with excellent workmanship to make them the unique solution for any challenging application. Be it the filling / draining of the pipeline, on-line (under flow & pressure) air release, or the anti-vacuum function at the time of pump tripping, the ‘R & D Multiple's Bi-Stream Air Release Valve’' is the ultimate & most reliable solution.

  • Very efficient air release/ inlet mechanisms.
  • Specially designed tamperproof cover allowing free, all-round (360 Degrees) air movement.
  • Stainless Steel Float & Cage design allowing precision, long guides to the Float all through-out the travel ensuring perfectly centred float always.
  • Aero-Dynamically designed large flow passages.
  • Combination of Air-Vacuum & Air Release functions.
  • Sturdy & Robust construction.
  • Float not subjected to differential pressure & hence chances of sticking/ necking are precluded.
  • Choice of shell MOC : CI / SGI / CS / SS / D2 to suit applications.
  • All internal active working parts: Stainless Steel.
  • PN10 / 16 /25 Pressure Ratings. (Enquire for Others).
  • Complies with the requirements of IS 14845 & AWWA- C512.
  • Efficient Aero-dynamic flow passages.
  • One Piece Tamper-proof Cover.
  • Straight through air release opening of large size.
  • Guaranteed long life resilient seats.   
  • Floats of optimum specific gravity ensuring quick response to level changes.
  • Aerodynamic performance tested & proven at FCRI.
  • Many, many successful, prestigious installations.
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